SETTING-OUT This artwork comprises a single monumental mason’s compass cast in Bronze which is frozen in the act of drawing out a stone spiral. It is sited beside and is seen from the main rail line to London and will act … Continue reading Calliper

University library Working alongside renowned sculptor Harry Gray, FSE helped a memorable set of stacked books acting as parking bollards in gunmetal now situated in front of Cambridge university library remodeled in 2006. After casting the ‘bookstacks ‘ to the … Continue reading Cambridge Library

Memorial Gates Sculpted by Harry Gray , the Rose and Poppy Gates are dedicated to the memory of all rugby players who have served and died in conflicts around the world. The gates were unveiled in April 2016, as part … Continue reading Twickenham

Squarity Ltd – Double Stormtrooper Ryan Callanan, owner of Squarity Limited (, entered FSE Foundry holding what looked like a standard Star wars Stormtrooper figurine. This was soon to be seen as not the case as he turned it over … Continue reading Squarity Ltd – Stormtrooper

Wishbone Publishing – Trafalgar FSE Foundry has helped Wishbone Publishing Ltd ( turn an artist’s print into a beautiful bronze sculpture. ‘Trafalgar’ is the first sculpture from one of the most collectable living British artists, JJ Adams. Following unprecedented critical … Continue reading Wishbone Publishing – Trafalgar