Wishbone Publishing – Trafalgar

FSE Foundry has helped Wishbone Publishing Ltd (www.wishboneart.co.uk) turn an artist’s print into a beautiful bronze sculpture. ‘Trafalgar’ is the first sculpture from one of the most collectable living British artists, JJ Adams. Following unprecedented critical and commercial acclaim for his mixed media original artworks, this bronze sculpture is the physical realisation of the Lion from his sold out ‘Nelson’s Column’ piece. As a sold out limited edition of 25 (with an RRP of £8800.00), collectors and galleries alike are keen for more sculptures following the incredible response to the craftsmanship, skill and finish involved in the creation and manufacturing process.

The sculpture was created in Silicon Bronze by the lost wax technique, producing the lion, Nelson and the three pigeons separately. These were then carefully added along with a base before the whole piece was finished with a dark patina.

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