Pure Copper and Close Alloys

Copper Alloys:
Type Alloy Grade
0.2% Proof
Typical Hardness HB Elongation (%)
High Conductivity Copper HCC1 93 40 40 25
Chrom Copper CC1 TF 90 230 95 15
Nickel Silicon Chrome Copper CNS-CR 43 400 200 6

FSE Foundry has specialised in sand castings for resistance welding and electrical switchgear for over 50 years. This experience and expertise within the industry means we can produce high purity castings for transformers, busbar terminations, catenary parts, switchgear and high heat-transfer parts.

Close control of the casting and heat treatment variables ensure that the demanding conductivity and mechanical properties are achieved often to over 98% IACS for HCC1 and 90% for CC1. The incorporation of often complex water-cooling tubes within the casting is also a speciality using Nickel and Nimonic Alloy prefabricated tubes.

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