Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium Alloys: to BS 1490
Tensile Strength
Typical Hardness HB Elongation (%)
LM0 80 25 30
LM4 M 140 65 – 80 2
LM4 TF 230 90 – 120
LM6 160 50 – 55 5
LM25 M 130 55 – 65 2
LM25 TB7 160 65 – 75 2.5
LM25 TF 230 90 – 110

Cast Si, Mg and Cu alloyed aluminium alloys exhibit great mechanical and corrosive resistance properties and can be used for a varied range of applications offering a light weight alternative to Copper alloys and ferrous materials.

The Copper based and Silicon based alloys LM4 and LM6 show great casting characteristics and are suitable for most general engineering purposes from intricate thin walled castings to largecastings. Both have good resistance to corrosion and when subject to solution treatment and ageing, high strength and ductility can be achieved.

The magnesium based alloy LM25 finds application in most industries, from food to road transport vehicles and in practice is the general purpose high strength casting alloy, especially due to it’s availability in four conditions of heat treatment.

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