Pattern Making and Rapid Prototyping

FSE Foundry has in-house pattern making and CAD design facilities. We produce prototype wooden and resin equipment (often using rapid prototyping) and first-off castings usually within several weeks from receipt of order. We regularly reproduce castings using sample casting where the original patterns are not available, saving cost and reducing lead times. Our pattern makers and network of subcontractors have extensive experience with the Company and have a wealth of knowledge adhering to high levels of accuracy and tolerance, requiring a thorough understanding of foundry processes and technology.

Core Making – Cold Box, Shell and CO2 Sand Cores

In house core making facilities produce all necessary cores and tooling for manufacture, ensuring all castings meet required specification and quality. Many characteristics of a casting and casting quality are influenced by the core.

Tube Fabrication

Some casting types that are manufactured at FSE Foundry require additional fabrication to meet specification. Many Copper Alloy welding gun arms and some Aluminium ‘vacuum former’ work incorporates Nickel, Inconel or Copper water cooling tubes, all of which are made in house with precision bending jigs sometimes to pressure testing limits.


At FSE Foundry we have the equipment and personnel to go beyond the casting process and also be involved in further processes such as sand blasting, fettling, polishing and coating. Further CNC machining can be arranged and carried out by well-established sub-contractors.

Heat Treatment

Annealing and precipitation hardening and tempering can be carried out on site.

Rapid Prototyping

FSE Foundry have the capabilities to use the advance technologies such as rapid prototyping, through the use of in house 3D CAD design. 3D printing, designs can be produced including the production of casting sand moulds as opposed to patterns.

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