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Please check out our portfolio tab, were we have a number of different projects we have undertaken, with information and photos.

Squarity Ltd – Double Stormtrooper

Ryan Callanan, owner of Squarity Limited (, entered FSE Foundry holding what looked like a standard Star wars Stormtrooper figurine. This was soon to be seen as not the case as he turned it over to reveal the same again. What we had here was a double stormtrooper that he had fused together.
Using ‘petrobond’ moulding sand, resulting in fine detail to be reproduced and aiding in the surface finish for later finishing, 5 were made in Aluminium and 2 in High Tensile Brass. These were then mirror polished to form a great looking miniature sculpture.
Further work was carried out where we produced headless stormtroopers and separate helmets for future experiments of Ryan’s.

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Wishbone Publishing – Trafalgar

FSE Foundry has helped Wishbone Publishing Ltd ( turn an artist’s print into a beautiful bronze sculpture. ‘Trafalgar’ is the first sculpture from one of the most collectable living British artists, JJ Adams. Following unprecedented critical and commercial acclaim for his mixed media original artworks, this bronze sculpture is the physical realisation of the Lion from his sold out ‘Nelson’s Column’ piece. As a sold out limited edition of 25 (with an RRP of £8800.00), collectors and galleries alike are keen for more sculptures following the incredible response to the craftsmanship, skill and finish involved in the creation and manufacturing process.

The sculpture was created in Silicon Bronze by the lost wax technique, producing the lion, Nelson and the three pigeons separately. These were then carefully added along with a base before the whole piece was finished with a dark patina.

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Roz Barr Architects – Plaque and No.s

Manganese Nickel Brass Plaque and No.s with Satin polish highlight

FSE Foundry were asked to produce a commemorative plaque and 2 door numbers for ‘Martin Andrews House’. These were cast in Manganese Nickel Brass, which is widely used in drainage and grille application due to its good corrosion resistant properties. The tops of the letters and numbers were then highlighted to a satin polish. Threaded bars were cast into the back of the castings to aid in wall attachment.

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City of London – Cappuccino Planters

FSE produced a pattern and casting in Gunmetal of a large Cappuccino planter with plaque, in the region of 250kg. This was then patinated and the plaque painted for the City of London.

From the City of London, Open Spaces Development:

‘The Bronze Planters were designed by the City of London and have been used to compliment a suite of other planters that the City currently uses. The choice of planter is very dependent on the location and hence why we have a suite of planters to choose from. Bronze was chosen due to its aesthetic look, its longevity, its weight and it’s ageing process which is found to be very attractive and suits many of the buildings here in the City. This particular planter was used here in our own Guildhall Yard where we currently have 10 bronze planters, one of which is the planter with the attached commemorative plaque. This particular planter was commissioned with this plaque, to commemorate the Ward Of Cheap Club’s 150th Anniversary, a ward within the City and the planter itself, is on the boundary line.’,

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Bronze Tables – Private Member’s Club, London

FSE Foundry were commissioned to make a number of bronze tables. Initially they were going to be cast in 4 sections, welded together and dressed back to seem seamless. However, after some thought FSE Foundry were able to cast the piece in one, reducing additional work. 7 tables were cast in Gunmetal, each weighing approximately 30kg. Once cast and lightly fettled, each table was polished to a bright polish and are now situated in a Private Members Club, London.

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