Ferrous Metals

Finials and Cover Plates In keeping with period finials and cover plates Due to the type of projects we get involved in, FSE Foundry is very often involved in restoration projects for individuals where they want to stay in keep … Continue reading Finials and Cover plates

Engine Restoration Vaporiser cover for a 1924 Petter S type 12/14hp Semi Diesel Stationary Engine. A number of our customers spend their spare time restoring steam engines, stationary and locomotives. This is a prime example where we have been able … Continue reading Engine Restoration

Katterkrad German WW2 motorbike A number of people as a hobby find enjoyment in restoring World War Two army vehicles. One such customer Gavin Copeman, has come to us in need of castings that are not readily available in today’s … Continue reading Katterkrad German WW2 motorbike

Selhurst Railway Station FSE Foundry is well known for its ability to produce bespoke castings to match original Listed Building features. Selhurst station has undergone a refurbishment on behalf of Network Rail and the Train Operating Company. The platform was … Continue reading Selhurst Railway Station

Drainage and Building Product Assemblies FSE Foundry supplies patterns and finished assemblies for bespoke and propriety drainage products in Grey Iron, SG Iron and non-ferrous alloys in accordance with building regulations and to customer specifications.