Katterkrad German WW2 motorbike

A number of people as a hobby find enjoyment in restoring World War Two army vehicles. One such customer Gavin Copeman, has come to us in need of castings that are not readily available in today’s market.

One of his projects was restoring a German Katterkrad track bike, but unfortunately he needed another fan housing but couldn’t get his hands on one. After bringing the one he had in to use in bits, we were able to modify the original to allow us to mould from it, adding machining allowances and patching up broken areas.

Our experienced moulders then did a great job of moulding all necessary parts which we cast in SG Iron. All parts were then passed on to a machinist, Richard Percival of www.percivalengineering.co.uk who machined all necessary gears, bushes and castings to make a complete, working replica that Gavin could fit to his Katterkrad.

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