City of London – Cappuccino Planters

FSE produced a pattern and casting in Gunmetal of a large Cappuccino planter with plaque, in the region of 250kg. This was then patinated and the plaque painted for the City of London.

From the City of London, Open Spaces Development:

‘The Bronze Planters were designed by the City of London and have been used to compliment a suite of other planters that the City currently uses. The choice of planter is very dependent on the location and hence why we have a suite of planters to choose from. Bronze was chosen due to its aesthetic look, its longevity, its weight and it’s ageing process which is found to be very attractive and suits many of the buildings here in the City. This particular planter was used here in our own Guildhall Yard where we currently have 10 bronze planters, one of which is the planter with the attached commemorative plaque. This particular planter was commissioned with this plaque, to commemorate the Ward Of Cheap Club’s 150th Anniversary, a ward within the City and the planter itself, is on the boundary line.’,

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