Why FSE?

Cast metal products

Experience, Expertise, Flexibility and Traditional service second-to-none.

FSE Foundry has over 80 years of experience in ferrous and non-ferrous casting and has an intimate knowledge of many different industries and sector specialities in the UK and abroad.

Whatever your casting requirement we can impart our experience to directly benefit your business cost and efficiency.

FSE Foundry has extensively dealt with architects, product designers and even sculptors for casting projects, mechanical components and machines around the world. The expertise on offer ranges widely from English Heritage to turnkey rail-safety infrastructure and from beautiful art forms to quality-critical electrical supply equipment.

Quality, quantity and budget needs are satisfied as a result of our ability to be totally flexible in our approach to mould production. Whether you require ‘one off’ semi-mechanised quantities, castings less than a kilo or up to 400, it can be done at FSE Foundry.

Metals available range from cast and spheroidal graphitic (SG) Iron, through a range of castable aluminium to the common copper-based alloys and the more unusual high-conductivity pure copper and its alloys.

FSE Foundry employees have a wealth of experience of casting processes and will propose the most suitable and cost effective method to meet your individual needs and requirements.

FSE Foundry provides a complete cast metal service, from CAD drawing interpretation, pattern design and production, to metallurgical recommendation, casting, heat treatment and finishing, all under one roof, based at our factory near Stansted Airport in the UK.

We guarantee to:

  • Provide a quick response to enquiries.
  • Propose the most appropriate casting processes to meet customer requirements. Provide a quality casting delivered on time and at a truly competitive price.
  • Continuously improve in order to maintain the highest possible quality and service.

Recent Articles

Selhurst Railway Station

Selhurst Railway Station FSE Foundry is well known for its ability to produce bespoke castings to match original Listed Building features. Selhurst station has undergone a refurbishment on behalf of Network Rail and the Train Operating Company. The platform was … Continue reading Selhurst Railway Station

Drainage and Building Product Assemblies

Drainage and Building Product Assemblies FSE Foundry supplies patterns and finished assemblies for bespoke and propriety drainage products in Grey Iron, SG Iron and non-ferrous alloys in accordance with building regulations and to customer specifications.


AATi AATi Ltd are part of the FSE Group, manufacturing and fabricating antislip, antiwear treads for the high-footfall public stairway environment such as railway stations and metros. FSE Foundry plays a key role in casting and manufacture of the treads, … Continue reading AATi

Cambridge Library

Cambridge Library Working alongside a renowned sculptor, Harry Gray, FSE helped produce a memorable set of stacked books acting as parking bollards in Gunmetal now situated in front of Cambridge University Library remodelled in 2006. After casting the ‘book stacks’ … Continue reading Cambridge Library


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